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Jebely watch winder CUBO

Suitable to all automatic watches!
Forget about the fastidious manual winding of your automatic watch. Make your life easier by using a watch winder, also called automatic winder.
This Jebely watch winder CUBO permanently keeps your watch at the correct time and date when unworn. It will work perfectly with all models of automatic watches.
Silently operating, this watch winder is a true asset to your desk, bedside table, bookshelf, or display closet.


Finish of the watch winder CUBO

Shaped as a cube, the outer case of this watch winder is made of high-quality plastic material.
Both the inside and the outside are black. A wide clear door (high-resistance acrylic) makes the front panel.


Operations of the watch winder CUBO

The watch winders operates on mains and is supplied with a power adapter (100~240 V AC – 4 V DC 0,5 A), ensuring worldwide compatibility without the need for an additional current converter.


Movements of the watch winder CUBO

The watch winder Jebely CUBO is suitable to one watch at a time.
It operates clockwise (CW), Counter-clockwise (CCW), or alternatively (CW, then CCW), selectable by the mean of a push button.
The speed can be selected amongst 650, 900, 1200 or 1500 TPD (Turns Per Day).

Direction for rotation of the watch winder:
- Clockwise (CW)
- Counter-clockwise (CCW)
- alternating mode: CW then CCW

Speed for rotations of the watch winder:
- Mode A : 650 TPD
- Mode B : 900 TPD
- Mode C : 1200 TPD
- Mode D : 1500 TPD

- Mode A: 5 minute rotation, 79 minute rest, and repeats
- Mode B: 5 minute rotation, 56 minute rest, and repeats
- Mode C: 5 minute rotation, 41 minute rest, and repeats
- Mode D: 5 minute rotation, 32 minute rest, and repeats

Thanks to its many possible settings, the watch winder CUBO is suitable to all automatic watches.
Should you need to check the parameters of your personal automatic watch, please take advantage of our TPD Selector.



Main features of the watch winder CUBO

Suitable for 1 watch
Selectable rotation directions: clockwise (CW), counter clockwise (CCW), or alternating mode (CW, then CCW)
Selectable rotation speed: 650, 900, 1200 or 1500 TPD (Turns Per Day)
Dimensions : 11,8 x 13,1 x 17,1 cm
Supplied with power adapter (100~240 V AC – 4 V DC 0,5 A)

The watch winder CUBO is supplied with a User’s Manual and carries a two-year manufacture Guarantee.
For more information about this watch winder, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist further.

More Information
Number of watches 1
Number of rotors 1
Winding direction Both directions (CW+CCW)
Turns per day Adjustable
Turns per day 650, 900, 1200, 1500
Base material Plastic
Exterior finishing High-gloss finish
Lining material Plastic
Exterior colour Black
Interior colour Black
LED lights No
Colour of LED lights Not available
Storage possibilities No
Power supply Adapter (AC)
Adapter voltage 4V / 0,5 ampère / AC 100~240 V
Type of adapter EU Standard
Type of battery Not available
Certification CE!
Type of glass Acrylic glass
Lock Yes
Dimensions 11,8 X 13,1 X 17,1 cm
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