What is a watchwinder?

A watchwinder, as its name suggests it, keep your watch wound, thus avoiding having to do it manually. When your watch is not worn for some time, it will naturally stop working. On average, you can rely on your automatic watch's energy reserve for 24 to 48 hours. And since there is no battery inside, it is indeed necessary to "recharge" your watch, meaning keeping the ernrgy spring tight.

How do automatic watches work?

Watches are held on time by the means of a weight that moves inside to keep them 'charged'. This is the movement that keeps the energy spring tight. It is therefore very important that watches stay in motion to keep them on time. Should your automatic watch not be worn for some time, all settings are lost, and the whole reset process should start all over again.

No more watches out of time. Ever.

An automatic winding mechanism is the right solution to overcome this problem. Just as a watch needs the movements of your wrist for the inner winding mechanism to work, the watch winder will reproduce this movement and keep the flyweight active: your watch stays on time! In addition, watch winders are pretty objects that contribute to the aesthetics of your office, library or fireplace.

How fast should a watch winder turn? Difficult to answer, since it varies with the model of your watch. There are actually several possible speeds, depending on the brand or manufacturer. It is called 'TPD', for Turns Per Day. Some watchwinders only offer one single speed. In addition, the direction of rotation comes into play : some models of watchwinders can rotate both clockwise (CW) and/or counter clockwise (CCW). Not all watchwinders flexibility in such features.

Some watchwinders work on batteries and mains, whereas others only accepot power suplly from mains OR from batteries. This is an important "detail" to conider at time of buying a watchwinder.

Different types of watchwinders

An automatic watchwinder is not only useful to keep your watch always on time, but it is also an asset for your home. We are often proud to own a beautiful and expensive watch, and it is legitimate to be able to show it off or exhibit it.

If you are the lucky owner of several watches, there are also watchwinders that allow you to display (and wind) several watches simultaneously. Classically, in addition to the "simple" watchwinder for a single watch, it is quite easy to find watchwinder for two watches, models for four watches, six, or eight watches. Some are even able to accommodate up to 24 watches. The latter are generlly more common among watchmaking professionals.

Premium Quality

Watchwinder - 123 is one of the offciail distributors of the Rosenfelt Brand. These wstrong>watchwindersstand out from the rest of the market thnks to their luxurious design, unique combinations of colours, ease of use and durability. Fruit of traditional craftsmanship, the quality of our watchwinders is guaranteed. At Watchwinder-123, our goal is to always provide high quality watchwinders. If a product does not meet your expectations, feel free to take advantage of our 14-day Money Back Warranty ; no questions asked.

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